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It's Time For Spring Cleaning, Do You Have The Right Products?

       Well it's that fun time of the year again, yes you've guessed it spring cleaning, and have the right products to do the task on your spring cleaning list makes a big difference. As we go over a few task you may want to tackle, whether it be on your spring cleaning list or your honey do list we will provide link to recommended products in this blog.  Let's start with moss that builds on a lot of roofs over the season, it's hard to reach and hard to get off. NOT ANYMORE this product is revolutionary in cleaning moss and algae. The product I'm referring to is called Spray and Forget®️  Don't let the cob webs in high places get you overwhelmed, yes I know the thought of having to clean them can be heart wrenching, but never fear the with a 5-12 foot cob web cleaner, those cob webs won't stand a chance and your spring cleaning just got a little easier. There has always been a lot of speculation as to what hardwood floor cleaner is the best, I'm going


The Honey Do Professor I know that any plumbing task can be a large undertaking for a do it yourselfer, no matter how small the task may seem. In this blog I will explain in detail how to rebuild your toilet tank. For any plumbing task that you start always remember to shut off the source. (Turn off the water)  Drain the water out of the tank by flushing it through the drain. I recommend you vacuum out the rest of the remaining water. Remove the water supply line from the toilet tank and the water supply valve. Remove the tank to bowl bolts, and then remove the tank. On the left hand side of the tank is the fill valve, remove the the fill valve nut from the bottom of the tank (white nut), and remove the fill valve. Install the new fill valve in reverse. In the middle of the tank is the flush valve. On the bottom of the tank is the tank to bowl doughnut, remove the doughnut to expose the flush valve nut. Remove the flush valve nut, and then remove the flush valve. Reinstall the new flu