It's Time For Spring Cleaning, Do You Have The Right Products?



Well it's that fun time of the year again, yes you've guessed it spring cleaning, and have the right products to do the task on your spring cleaning list makes a big difference. As we go over a few task you may want to tackle, whether it be on your spring cleaning list or your honey do list we will provide link to recommended products in this blog. 

Let's start with moss that builds on a lot of roofs over the season, it's hard to reach and hard to get off. NOT ANYMORE this product is revolutionary in cleaning moss and algae. The product I'm referring to is called Spray and Forget®️ 

Don't let the cob webs in high places get you overwhelmed, yes I know the thought of having to clean them can be heart wrenching, but never fear the with a 5-12 foot cob web cleaner, those cob webs won't stand a chance and your spring cleaning just got a little easier.

There has always been a lot of speculation as to what hardwood floor cleaner is the best, I'm going to tell you what I've used and came to prefer. Weiman®️ Polisher and Floor Cleaner. This polish and cleaner will leave your floor with a glass shine finish that last for a long duration. This is a definite add to your spring cleaning shopping list. 

Now let's talk about the often dreaded window cleaning. Window cleaning no matter what tools you have is a heavy undertaking, but let's see if we can make your journey any easier. With window cleaning all of your supplies will be essential from your squeegee to your cloth so I recommend getting these supplies this is best for multi story homes. First, a cleaning bucket, and an extended squeegee kit for cleaning the window to a streak free finish. Now would not be the time to re-invent the wheel, so let just stick to what we know as far as a window cleaning agent I like Windex®️ . As far as buckets go there is no need to be over the top so I would just recommend the Alpine Industries®️ 19.5 Qt. These items will get you safely navigated through your window cleaning task.

Lastly, let's move on to the crème de la crème, the infamous pressure cleaning. We all know that this is not a to be done at your leisure task, but one that if done right can reap you with great reward and admiration from the neighbors. With that being said I have always been a fan of the Generac brand of power tools and to do this task I would definitely recommend the General®️ 7899 2900 psi Power Washer. This pressure is one that I own, am very happy with, and will get to job done right.

When it comes to spring cleaning there are a lot of different perspectives, but I feel that this will give you a certain direction in which you can build upon. So don’t get discouraged when this time of year arrives, because each year is an opportunity for you to perfect your own cleaning routine.

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